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Cheney Mocks And Insults Trump

Former Representative Liz Cheney humorously critiqued former President Trump’s new venture of selling Bibles, suggesting he should familiarize himself with the scripture, particularly the teachings against adultery. Cheney’s comment on X, previously Twitter, referenced Trump’s promotion of his “God Bless USA” Bibles on Truth Social, where Trump expressed his desire for every American to own a Bible, calling it his favorite book.

Cheney highlighted Exodus 20:14, which states, “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” hinting at Trump’s past controversies involving alleged infidelities. Trump, in partnership with Lee Greenwood, announced the sale of these Bibles, which include American patriotic content, as part of a call to reinvigorate religious sentiment in the U.S.

Trump, amidst this business initiative, emphasized the importance of restoring religious and Christian values in America, attributing societal issues to their decline. The Bible in question, priced at $60, contains not only biblical texts but also patriotic elements like Greenwood’s song lyrics and foundational American documents.

Trump’s personal life, particularly his alleged extramarital affairs, has been a topic of public and legal scrutiny. He faced legal repercussions in a defamation case related to sexual assault allegations and is preparing for a criminal trial regarding financial improprieties connected to a supposed affair with Stormy Daniels, which he denies.

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