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Kamala Spreads Misinformation About Trump

Vice President Harris recently concurred with an interviewer who expressed concern that the upcoming 2024 election might mark the end of democratic elections in the United States.

During a conversation on the “I’ve Had It” podcast about former President Trump’s remarks regarding potentially assuming dictatorial powers on day one of a second term, co-host Angie “Pumps” Sullivan remarked, “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say this could genuinely be the final democratic election we see.” To this, Harris responded, “You’re correct.”

Sullivan pointed out Trump’s rhetoric, emphasizing that dictators don’t just relinquish power after a day, and Harris echoed this sentiment. She shared insights from her experiences meeting with over 150 world leaders as vice president, noting their genuine concerns about the integrity of the upcoming election. These leaders, she explained, recognize the global ramifications of America’s democratic stability or lack thereof.

Harris stressed the fragility of democracy, highlighting that its strength relies on the collective determination to defend it. The reelection campaign led by President Biden and Vice President Harris has centered on the importance of safeguarding democracy, with Biden himself acknowledging the urgency conveyed by world leaders for a successful outcome in the election.

In a lighter moment during the podcast, Harris praised Biden as a “fantastic” coworker with an exceptional sense of humor. She also shared personal insights into her and her husband’s entertainment choices, discussing the shows they’ve been watching while also acknowledging her fears about the potential return of a Trump presidency.

Driven by concerns about the future of democracy and the stakes of the upcoming election, Harris has been actively engaging in campaign efforts, traversing multiple states and participating in various media interviews to emphasize the importance of defending democratic principles in the United States.

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