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NBA Champ The Future President?

Warriors sensation Stephen Curry teased the idea of a potential political career during a recent CBS Mornings interview. When the notion of “Steph Curry for president” was floated, Curry intriguingly responded with a “Maybe.” The conversation took a deeper dive into Curry’s interest in political matters, with Curry expressing a desire to use his influence positively, whether within the political arena or through other avenues.

While he made it clear that he’s not specifically eyeing the presidency, Curry is open to the idea that politics might be one route to effecting significant change. However, he’s equally open to exploring alternative paths outside the political sphere to make a positive impact.

The interview also touched on Curry’s latest venture into children’s literature with “I Am Extraordinary,” a book aimed at boosting kids’ self-confidence. Curry’s discussion on politics emerged as part of a broader dialogue about his contributions to societal betterment.

Known for not shying away from political commentary, Curry has involved himself in various initiatives, including former First Lady Michelle Obama’s non-partisan “When We All Vote” campaign, aimed at increasing voter turnout. In a 2022 Rolling Stone interview, Curry voiced his concerns over the divisive rhetoric associated with a possible second Trump presidency, emphasizing the need for urgency and advocacy from those opposing such divisiveness.

Curry’s political stances became notably public when, following an NBA championship win during Trump’s term, he voiced his preference against the team’s traditional White House visit. This led to Trump stating that the invitation had been “withdrawn,” highlighting Curry’s willingness to stand firm on his beliefs and potentially hinting at a future where his influence extends into the political domain.

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