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Did Special Counsel Lie About Biden?

The narrative surrounding President Biden’s reaction to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report, which investigated his handling of classified documents, has been clarified through a recently obtained transcript. Initially, Biden’s public frustration seemed directed at Hur for referencing the death of his son, Beau Biden, during a press briefing. However, the transcript from an October interview reveals that Biden himself introduced the topic of his late son into the conversation.

In the detailed exchange, Biden ties the timing of his son’s illness and subsequent death to his decisions about managing personal and professional documents, emphasizing the personal significance of those years. Despite moments of confusion about dates, which aides promptly clarified, Biden provided a heartfelt account of how Beau’s death influenced his memoir’s title, “Promise Me, Dad,” and his political engagement.

The transcript also offers insight into Biden’s reflections on his political future following his son’s passing, revealing his determination to stay involved in politics as a way to honor his son’s memory. This exchange, according to Biden aides, underscores the president’s ability to recall significant personal dates and contextualizes his emotional state during the period in question.

Special Counsel Hur’s February report concluded without charging Biden over his handling of classified materials. Still, its commentary on Biden’s memory stirred controversy. Democrats have criticized these remarks as unnecessary, questioning their relevance to the investigation’s scope. During Hur’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, this issue was further debated, highlighting the political sensitivities surrounding the investigation and its findings.

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