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World Leaders Pick Winner Between Trump & Biden

Former President Donald Trump has been actively engaging with international leaders, indicating potential preparations for his possible return to the presidency. This series of meetings and communications with global figures suggests an anticipation of a shift in U.S. foreign policy should he be re-elected.

Recently, Trump held discussions at Trump Tower with Polish President Andrzej Duda, and earlier, with Hungarian President Viktor Orbán and British Foreign Secretary David Cameron. Additionally, he had a phone conversation with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

These interactions highlight the keen interest of global leaders in understanding the potential directions of Trump’s policies. Richard Fontaine, a former State Department official and CEO of the Center for a New American Security, noted that the international community is eager to decipher Trump’s plans for his potential second term, acknowledging his previous unpredictability in office.

In his meetings, Trump aligned with Orbán, particularly on their stance regarding the war in Ukraine, with Orbán expressing that Trump would halt financial aid to Kyiv if elected. Trump’s discussions have covered a range of critical issues, including NATO commitments and regional conflicts, reflecting the broader implications of his foreign policy on global relations.

These developments come as Trump appears to be leading in key battleground states ahead of the elections, signaling a closely watched race. His interactions underscore the contrasting foreign policy approaches between him and the current Biden administration, which has emphasized alliances like NATO and support for Ukraine against Russian aggression.

The discussions Trump is having with world leaders are typical for a U.S. presidential candidate, though his close ties with figures like Orbán, who has openly supported him, are less common. These meetings and conversations are critical in shaping the perceptions and strategies of global leaders regarding the future of international relations with the U.S.

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