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Voters TERRIFY Democrats After They Say THIS

Democrats are shaking in their boots.

According to Breitbart News, Voto Latino CEO María Teresa Kumar appeared on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” and sent a stark warning against Democrats stating that if 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wins the nomination then they can “kiss Florida goodbye.”

Kumar said, “We can all agree is you can kiss Florida goodbye. I say that Floridians — Latinos that have fled socialism, they have fled and they are in Florida, and they have sensibilities that are different from the rest of the Latino community.”

She added, “You pare that down with a lot of the more conservative folks that are Democrats in Florida, and I don’t see a pathway for him there. That’s just the beginning. I can tell you right now Donald Trump has been targeting folks on my staff since March of last year with an anti-democratic socialist message in Spanglish, English, and Spanish.”

Kumar further stated, “They are not leaving anybody behind. People don’t realize there’s a socialization happening on the Trump campaign that’s been very effective. Then you understand the population of someone like a Floridian voter, and you know vying for Florida. He’s going to figure out if I don’t have Florida — I’m almost 125,000 percent confident he wouldn’t get it — where is the pathway?” you can watch a clip of Kumar’s remarks here.

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