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Trump’s First Amendment Revoked

Scene: A New York courtroom. The trial? Former President Trump’s alleged fraud case. The twist? A social media showdown!

  1. Gag Order Alert! 🤫
    • Judge Arthur Engoron wasn’t having it. After Trump’s Truth Social account posted about the judge’s main clerk (who was right there in the courtroom!), Engoron swiftly issued a gag order. The directive? Trump and all involved parties must zip it when it comes to talking about the judge’s staff.
  2. What Sparked the Drama? 📲
    • Trump’s post didn’t just target any court staff. It zoomed in on Engoron’s principal law clerk, hinting at a connection with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer by dubbing her “Schumer’s girlfriend.” The post even showcased a pic of her with Schumer. But here’s the catch: it’s still a mystery how Schumer and the clerk are connected, if at all.
  3. Lunch Break Shenanigans! 🍱
    • While everyone was grabbing a bite, Trump’s campaign fired off an email that took a jab at Judge Engoron himself. When court resumed, it was clear the lunch break had been more eventful than expected.
  4. Déjà Vu for Trump? 🔄
    • This isn’t Trump’s first rodeo with a gag order. Just last month, another judge considered similar restrictions for Trump in a separate case, thanks to posts that seemed to threaten witnesses.

Bottom Line: The New York fraud trial is heating up, with prosecutors diving deep into Trump’s real estate dealings. But with social media posts and courtroom drama stealing the spotlight, who knows what’ll happen next? Stay tuned! 🍎🏛️🔥

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