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Trump’s Enemy No 1 Endorses Him

Haley has declared her intention to vote for Trump while labeling Biden ‘a catastrophe’. The former UN ambassador acknowledged that Trump is not without flaws.

In response, Biden’s campaign highlighted that a significant portion of GOP voters continues to oppose Trump, citing the division and unrest associated with his leadership. “Nothing has changed for the millions of Republican voters who continue to oppose Donald Trump in the primaries and who are deeply committed to the future of our democracy, maintaining strong alliances against foreign adversaries, and collaborating across party lines to benefit the American populace,” stated Biden’s spokesperson, Michael Tyler.

In a speech on Wednesday, Haley critiqued Biden’s administration while advocating for an interventionist stance on foreign policy, which diverges from the prevailing non-interventionist sentiment within much of the Republican base. She announced plans to visit Israel soon to express her support for the Israeli people.

Haley commended House Speaker Mike Johnson for facilitating military aid to Ukraine and critiqued fellow Republicans who prioritize border issues over other national concerns. “Republicans are mistaken in asserting that we must secure the border before addressing any other issues,” Haley argued. “We shouldn’t act as though we can only tackle one problem at a time.”

In her address, Haley defended Israel and criticized Biden’s decision to temporarily halt certain heavy bomb supplies to Israel during the ongoing conflict in Gaza, calling it a “foolish” move that prolongs the war, empowers terrorists, and increases the likelihood of further conflicts.

She also referred to the 2021 withdrawal from Afghanistan as a moment that emboldened adversaries like Iran and Russia, forecasting a bleak legacy for Biden as a commander-in-chief who failed to confront America’s foes.

Echoing her campaign trail rhetoric, Haley emphasized her foreign policy acumen, advocating for Ukraine aid, and adopting a tougher stance toward Russia.

In a striking comment, Haley noted the helicopter crash in Northern Iran involving Ebrahim Raisi, saying, “It couldn’t have happened to a worse person. Ebrahim Raisi was responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocents. The people of Iran are better off without him,” she stated.

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