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Trump’s 2024 Ballot Exclusion – What Happens Now?

📜 Colorado Court’s Ruling on Trump’s Ballot Inclusion Paused Until January 4

Temporary Hold on Decision Pending Trump’s Appeal to Supreme Court

The Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to remove former President Trump from the state’s primary ballot has been put on hold until at least January 4. Anticipating Trump’s appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Colorado justices have structured their ruling to allow Trump the opportunity to remain on the March 5 primary ballot during the appeal process. The court acknowledged the unprecedented nature of the case and its complexities.

Trump’s Campaign to Challenge Ruling at National Level

Immediately following the ruling, Trump’s campaign announced plans to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung criticized the Colorado court’s decision as politically motivated, promising a swift appeal and requesting a stay to halt the ruling’s enforcement.

Legal Timeline and Potential Expedited Review

The appeal process could extend over several weeks or months. Typically, the opposing party would have 30 days to respond to Trump’s petition. The case would then be scheduled for a private conference among the justices next year to decide on hearing the case. However, the gravity of the issue might prompt an expedited review. A stay motion, as indicated by Cheung, would be placed on the Supreme Court’s emergency docket, requiring a prompt response. Justice Neil Gorsuch, overseeing emergency requests from Colorado, could decide alone or refer it to the full court for significant cases.

Implications for the 2024 Primary and Beyond

The Colorado law requires the certification of candidates’ names on primary ballots 60 days before the election. With the primary set for March 5, the deadline falls on January 5. It appears unlikely that the Supreme Court will resolve Trump’s appeal before this date, meaning Trump’s name would remain on Colorado’s primary ballots. The Supreme Court’s eventual decision on this matter could significantly influence Trump’s eligibility not only in Colorado but potentially in other states across the country.

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