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Trump Wins As New Challenger Emerges

Trump got what he wanted with the House GOP with the Government now heading towards a Shutdown.

Haley has certainly caught the attention of not just donors but also Trump. After Wednesday’s debate, Trump seemed to be more aware of her presence. While Trump’s online team primarily targeted DeSantis and Chris Christie during the debate, and Trump himself criticized Christie on Truth Social, his campaign specifically released a statement about Haley.

A senior Trump adviser, speaking anonymously, commented, “She seems to be surpassing DeSantis. This reveals more about him than her.”

However, Trump didn’t hold back on Friday, addressing Haley directly on Truth Social. He mentioned her previous commitment to not run for president if he did and stated, “MAGA and I will never support Nikki Haley. She lacks loyalty and is full of falsehoods!”

Nikki Rises After 2nd Debate

In a surprising turn of events, the House GOP’s funding bill was voted down by its own conservative members, pushing the government closer to a potential shutdown. This outcome was a notable setback for Speaker Kevin McCarthy from California, as the looming shutdown this weekend seems more probable.

A total of 21 Republican representatives, including notable figures like Reps. Andy Biggs, Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz, sided with Democrats in opposing the bill, resulting in a 232-198 vote against it.

The bill’s fate in the Senate was already uncertain, with Democrats expected to oppose it. The White House had also signaled its intention to veto the bill earlier in the day.

This outcome was somewhat anticipated as several conservatives, exceeding the number McCarthy could afford to lose given the slim majority, had expressed their reservations about the bill.

The failure of the vote is a blow to McCarthy’s strategy. He had been rallying his GOP colleagues to pass a party-centric temporary funding bill, hoping it would give the GOP more leverage in funding discussions with Senate Democrats and the White House.

The possibility of a government shutdown is now higher. If Congress doesn’t pass a short-term funding bill by Saturday night, the shutdown will commence.

Several Republicans expressed their displeasure with those who voted against the bill. Rep. Derrick Van Orden from Wisconsin pointed out, “There are 21 Republicans who just voted to defund the United States military and keep the border open.”

Moderate Rep. Mike Lawler from New York was more direct, placing the blame squarely on Rep. Matt Gaetz, labeling him a “charlatan.”

The path forward remains uncertain. The Senate is considering a bipartisan continuing resolution, which McCarthy had previously stated he wouldn’t support. Concerns about aid to Ukraine and insufficient border security provisions have been raised by several conservatives.

Despite the challenges, McCarthy remains hopeful, emphasizing his desire to prevent a government shutdown. He stated, “The No. 1 thing I want here is for government not to shut down.”

The proposed GOP bill had aimed to extend funding until the end of October, suggesting significant cuts, with exceptions for national defense and other key departments. It also proposed the establishment of a fiscal commission to address the federal budget and debt concerns.

McCarthy has been emphasizing the importance of border provisions in the funding discussions, questioning the stance of conservative dissenters.

Democrats criticized the proposed spending cuts and policy provisions in the GOP’s bill. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, a leading Democrat on the Appropriations Committee, expressed her concerns about the bill’s impact on American families.

Despite the challenges, McCarthy remains undeterred. When asked about his next steps, he responded with determination, “I don’t stop.” He left the chamber with a clear message: “keep going.”

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