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Trump VP Caught In Major Scandal

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) has responded to backlash on social media after sharing an account of euthanizing her dog following a hunting trip. The incident, detailed in her forthcoming book, involves Noem taking the life of her 14-month-old wirehaired pointer, Cricket, due to the dog’s disruptive behavior. This story has sparked widespread criticism, particularly from Democratic governors who countered by posting pictures with their pets.

In a statement released Sunday on the social media platform X, Noem expressed her understanding of the public’s reaction to the 20-year-old incident involving one of the working dogs at her ranch. “The book contains many candid anecdotes from my life, reflecting both triumphs and trials, difficult choices, and valuable lessons,” she commented.

Noem justified her actions by highlighting her authenticity and readiness to confront challenging situations. She referenced South Dakota’s laws, noting that it is permissible to euthanize dogs that pose a threat by attacking livestock. “Cricket had previously exhibited aggressive behavior towards people, and that influenced my decision,” she explained.

According to Noem, as reported first by The Guardian, the decision came after Cricket disrupted a pheasant hunt and later attacked a local family’s chickens. “I despised that dog,” she confessed in the book, labeling Cricket as untrainable and a liability.

Noem recounted the grim task of taking Cricket to a gravel pit on her property to euthanize the dog, describing it as a difficult but necessary action. She also mentioned having to euthanize a problematic goat on her property that had become a danger to her children.

This controversy emerges as Noem is reportedly being considered as a potential running mate for former President Donald Trump. The Democratic National Committee has also criticized other statements by Noem, including her defense of South Dakota’s stringent abortion laws and her enthusiastic support for Trump.

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