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Trump Voters Being Hijacked By Who? It’s Not Biden

Matt Gorman, a former communications advisor for Senator Tim Scott’s presidential campaign, commented on the strategic positioning of Kennedy in the current political landscape. Gorman observed that Kennedy is capitalizing on a “robust ecosystem on the right” to attract votes, challenging the assumption held by some Republicans that Kennedy’s campaign would only draw support away from Biden. “Republicans sometimes comfort themselves with the thought that he’s just pulling votes from Biden, but in reality, he’s targeting all voters,” Gorman explained.

Kennedy has notably aligned himself with some of former President Trump’s key policies, such as tightening U.S. border controls. Additionally, he has raised doubts about the legitimacy of the charges against the January 6 Capitol rioters, a group Trump has commended and even hinted at pardoning.

In a conversation with POLITICO, conservative host Shapiro, who has interviewed Kennedy, described him as an intriguing political figure. “RFK Jr. is the most significant third-party candidate since Ross Perot. He’s compelling, and my show routinely features noteworthy individuals from various political backgrounds. Although I am a Trump reelection supporter and have co-hosted an event for him, interviewing Kennedy was worthwhile,” Shapiro stated.

Polling data indicates that Trump holds a slight lead over Biden in most swing states, while Kennedy garners between 8 to 10 percent of the vote, drawing supporters from both major parties. A recent Monmouth poll highlighted that 17 percent of voters, particularly younger ones, view both Biden and Trump unfavorably—these voters are sometimes labeled as “double haters.” Among voters younger than 35, 27 percent are categorized this way, with Kennedy’s favorability increasing significantly among independents and Republicans since last December.

Additionally, a survey targeting voters under 30 conducted by SocialSphere for Snapchat found that 52 percent of these young voters are considering supporting Kennedy.

Kennedy’s frequent appearances on conservative media platforms, which might be causing consternation within Trump’s campaign, are seen by his supporters as beneficial. These appearances are perceived as free publicity, especially given Trump’s public criticisms of Kennedy.

A Republican strategist, preferring to remain anonymous, noted that Kennedy appears to be employing a tactic similar to that used by GOP Senate candidates aiming to boost their visibility. “Kennedy is leveraging the growing array of conservative media—not just traditional outlets like Fox News and Newsmax, but also the myriad of right-leaning podcasts and other platforms—to enhance his recognition among conservative audiences,” the strategist explained. This approach suggests Kennedy is adopting strategies that have proven effective for other Republican candidates seeking to elevate their profiles.

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