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Trump Traitor In Big Trouble

“Bob Good Faces Tight Battle as GOP Primary Heads for Potential Recount”

Rep. Bob Good (R) is still in the fight for his political career following the Virginia GOP primary. As of Wednesday afternoon, the race between Good, the chair of the House Freedom Caucus, and his challenger, state senator John McGuire, remains too close to call. McGuire, who received former President Trump’s endorsement, currently leads by a slim margin of 307 votes, or 0.4 percent, with 95 percent of votes counted. Over 62,000 voters participated in the election for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District.

Given the narrow margin, a recount is likely. Virginia law permits candidates to request a recount if the vote difference is less than 1 percent. Good remains optimistic about his chances, despite acknowledging that the final vote tally might take weeks to finalize. He called for transparency and patience as provisional and mail-in ballots are still being counted.

In contrast, McGuire, buoyed by his slim lead, declared victory to his supporters, asserting that the remaining votes would not change the outcome. The counting process has been temporarily paused in observance of the Juneteenth holiday.

Good has shown confidence in certain key areas, notably Albemarle County and Lynchburg, where he holds significant leads. However, the race is still too close to declare a definitive winner.

This high-stakes battle has drawn national attention, partly due to the involvement of prominent GOP figures. Former President Trump and ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy endorsed McGuire after Good distanced himself from them, notably supporting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and voting to remove McCarthy from his leadership position.

Good’s campaign has faced significant opposition from within the party, including criticism and financial support against him from influential GOP members. Despite this, Good urged his supporters to maintain faith and continue their efforts, emphasizing his stance against the established political forces in Washington.

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