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Trump The Kingmaker?

House GOP Speakership bid collapses after Trump denunciation

Tom Emmer, the House Majority Whip, withdrew his nomination for Speaker on Tuesday after a chaotic day that showcased the deep divisions within the Republican Party. Emmer had won the nomination in a crowded field of candidates, but a group of Republicans made clear that they would not support him on the House floor. Former President Donald Trump also weighed in, calling Emmer a “Globalist RINO” and saying that voting for him would be a “tragic mistake.”

Emmer’s withdrawal leaves the House GOP without a clear path forward in their quest to elect a new Speaker. They have already failed to elect three previous nominees, and it is unclear who, if anyone, can unite the slim Republican majority.

The Speakership crisis is a reflection of the broader divisions within the Republican Party. The party is torn between a moderate wing that wants to move on from Trump and a far-right wing that remains loyal to the former president. This division has made it difficult for the party to govern effectively and has left them unable to agree on a new Speaker.

The Speakership crisis is also a sign of the weakness of the Republican Party in the House. The party only has a slim majority, which gives individual members more power to block legislation and derail leadership elections. This makes it difficult for the party to govern effectively and puts them at a disadvantage in the upcoming midterm elections.

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