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Trump The House Speaker?

This question has become a topic of discussion following the unexpected removal of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy by a group of conservative House members. The former president hasn’t done much to dispel the swirling rumors.

“I’ve received numerous calls regarding the Speaker position,” Trump remarked while in New York for his ongoing $250 million civil fraud trial led by New York Attorney General Letitia James. “Our primary goal is to act in the best interest of the nation, the Republican Party, and its citizens.” However, he emphasized that his primary focus remains recapturing the presidency.

After the vote that led to McCarthy’s removal, many of Trump’s supporters mentioned the possibility of him taking up the Speaker role. A Trump insider revealed to NBC News that several GOP House members have approached Trump about temporarily filling the role.

“The President is in talks with House members about guiding the House in the interim,” the source shared.

The Speaker of the House holds significant power, not just in Congress, but is also the immediate successor to the vice president in the presidential line of succession.

Interestingly, Trump isn’t a Congressional member. While the Constitution doesn’t specifically state that the Speaker must be a House member, historically, all Speakers have been. This vagueness occasionally sparks speculation about the potential for a non-member to lead the House.

Names like Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and the late former Secretary of State Colin Powell have previously been suggested, though such notions haven’t gained much traction.

Trump’s potential candidacy has placed his most prominent congressional advocates in a challenging position. On a recent episode of Fox News’ Sean Hannity show, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan sidestepped queries about Trump’s potential Speaker role, emphasizing his preference to see Trump return as president. However, after some persistence by Hannity, Jordan expressed, “While I’d love to see Trump back in the White House, if he wishes to be Speaker, I’d support that too.”

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