Trump Outsmarts His GOP Rivals

Former President Donald Trump is aggressively courting party leaders in early presidential battleground states, hoping to lock up their support ahead of a potential 2024 campaign.

Trump has been dining with party leaders, chatting them up at events and offering them endorsements. He’s also been holding rallies in key states, where he’s been able to connect with voters and build excitement for his potential return to the White House.

Trump’s efforts are aimed at securing the support of delegates who will choose the Republican nominee at the 2024 convention. Delegates are typically chosen by state party leaders, so Trump is hoping to build relationships with them now so they’ll be more likely to support him when the time comes.

Trump’s efforts are already paying off. In recent weeks, he’s picked up endorsements from several key party leaders in early primary states, including South Carolina, Nevada and Florida. He’s also been holding well-attended rallies in these states, which suggests that he has strong support among voters.

Trump’s rivals for the Republican nomination are taking notice of his efforts. Former Vice President Mike Pence has been holding his own rallies in early primary states, and he’s also been courting party leaders. Other potential candidates, such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, are also likely to begin their own campaigns soon.

The 2024 Republican presidential nomination is still up for grabs, but Trump is the clear frontrunner at this point. He has the name recognition, the fundraising ability and the support of many party leaders. If he can continue to build momentum, he’ll be the favorite to win the nomination.

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