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Trump News Jolts Democrats & Biden

In a letter released on Monday, former President Donald Trump’s personal physician, Bruce Aronwald, asserted that Trump is in “excellent health.” The letter provided minimal details about Trump’s most recent medical examination, conducted on September 13.

Aronwald stated that Trump’s physical and cognitive exams were “well within the normal range” and “exceptional,” respectively. He further noted that Trump’s laboratory results and cardiovascular studies were all within normal limits. Additionally, Trump’s cancer screenings yielded negative results.

Aronwald attributed Trump’s improved health to his weight loss through a better diet and consistent daily physical activity. While the letter did not specify Trump’s current weight, it emphasized his commitment to maintaining a rigorous schedule.

The letter’s brevity contrasts sharply with the detailed information released during Trump’s annual presidential physicals. These exams typically included Trump’s height, weight, medications, and other specific health metrics. For instance, his last White House physical in April 2020 revealed that he was 6 feet, 3 inches tall, weighed 244 pounds, and was classified as obese. At the time, he was taking aspirin, Propecia, and a cholesterol-lowering medication.

As the 2024 Republican presidential nomination race heats up, Trump’s health will undoubtedly remain under scrutiny. At 77 years old, he would be 82 by the end of a potential second term.

While polls consistently indicate that a majority of voters believe President Biden is too old to serve another term, a smaller percentage hold the same opinion about Trump, despite their similar ages. Trump has consistently maintained that Biden’s age is not an issue, instead focusing on his perceived incompetence. The White House, in response, has urged voters to evaluate Biden based on his performance and ability to fulfill the presidency’s responsibilities, rather than his age.

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