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Trump Lays Out His Plan

Former President Trump is turning heads with a series of unexpected policy proposals aimed at winning over specific voter groups, with minimal risk.

These proposals represent significant departures from the core themes of his past campaigns and policies during his presidency. However, they might attract new supporters.

This week, Trump suggested on the All-In Podcast that foreign students graduating from American colleges — even junior colleges — should automatically receive green cards.

This marks a shift from his previous anti-immigrant rhetoric and the hardline stance of his policy adviser, Stephen Miller. Although these students can’t vote, sectors like tech and immigrant communities have long lobbied for easier work paths for high-skilled graduates. His campaign later clarified that graduates would be “thoroughly vetted” to exclude “communists” and “America haters” and to protect U.S. workers.

This proposal follows another recent policy bombshell: eliminating taxes on tips. Trump made this promise in Nevada, a key swing state with a significant hospitality workforce. He’s betting that workers reliant on tips will favor this tax cut over concerns about the potential $250 billion cost over ten years. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) quickly introduced legislation in response.

Trump has also made other promises and platform adjustments aimed at specific voter segments or influential donors.

While previously opposed to cryptocurrencies, Trump now champions them, promising to make the U.S. a leader in the industry, contrasting with the Biden administration’s stricter stance. This week, he received $2 million in Bitcoin donations from the Winklevoss twins, co-founders of a crypto exchange.

Trump, who once proposed banning TikTok, opposed the idea in March. This youth-friendly stance may be influenced by mega-donor Jeff Yass, who has a significant investment in TikTok’s parent company.

At a Libertarian convention, Trump promised to appoint a Libertarian to his Cabinet.

Trump is likely hoping these targeted proposals will strengthen his appeal among demographics such as young people and Hispanic voters.

While it’s unclear how he would implement policies like eliminating taxes on tips or granting green cards to graduates, or who might be adversely affected, these details won’t need resolution before November. For now, Trump is betting these promises will help him gain votes.

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