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Trump Insulted Big Time

The Lincoln Project has recently unveiled a controversial advertisement focused on former President Trump, capitalizing on the trending #TrumpSmells hashtag on social media.

Released with the caption “Is that you Donald?” alongside the #TrumpSmells hashtag, this ad was posted on X, previously known as Twitter, by the organization known for its opposition to Trump. The 40-second spot includes a montage of unpleasantly odorous scenes, such as garbage dumps and spoiled food, humorously insinuating a connection to Trump, who is a leading contender for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024.

Named “Limburger,” the ad is a creation of the political advocacy group, which was initially formed by a group of Republicans with the objective of hindering Trump’s White House aspirations.

Featuring audio of someone reacting negatively to bad smells, the ad at one point shows the Trump Tower in New York, with a voiceover suggesting a foul odor related to the former president. Comedian Kathy Griffith’s voice is also heard describing an unpleasant scent associated with Trump.

The advertisement concludes with a female voice reacting to the implied smell, asking, “Donald, is that you?” amid the sound of buzzing flies.

The Hill has sought comments from the Trump campaign regarding this ad.

The hashtag “TrumpSmells” gained attention following a post by former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), known for his opposition to Trump, where he expressed surprise over the lack of discussion about a certain odor around Trump.

Responding to Kinzinger’s remarks, a spokesperson for Trump retorted by calling Kinzinger a fraud and criticized his personal and professional life.

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