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Trump In Trouble For Jan 6th

New testimony sheds light on the lack of decisive action from former President Donald Trump during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Transcripts reveal that senior leaders of the D.C. Guard at the time described a scenario where crucial support didn’t materialize despite the urgency of the situation.

The heart of their testimony revolved around the discord between D.C. Guard leadership and the Pentagon regarding the timing and necessity of deploying troops to the Capitol. They indicated that military officials appeared hesitant to send Guard troops until several hours after the violence erupted.

During phone calls with the Pentagon, the witnesses mentioned receiving conflicting messages that left them unsure if they were authorized to deploy. They also noted a lack of communication from Ryan McCarthy, the Army secretary at the time, despite his pivotal role in coordinating responses before Jan. 6.

McCarthy, however, maintains that even a call from Trump wouldn’t have sped up the National Guard’s response, claiming they were already acting swiftly. This testimony adds complexity to understanding the military’s actions during the riot, which persisted for hours until other forces intervened.

The select committee investigating the riot found that Trump didn’t contact senior officials in key departments or his vice president during the crisis. Instead, he monitored events on television and made calls to lawmakers, focusing on contesting President Joe Biden’s election win.

The whistleblowers, as described by the panel, directly challenge assertions by former Pentagon leaders about the Guard’s rapid deployment. They refute claims of timely authorization and suggest that a direct intervention, such as a call from Trump, might have expedited the Guard’s response amid escalating conditions at the Capitol.

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