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Trump Gets Great News

Special Poll

As the countdown to the 2024 presidential showdown ticks on, a recent CBS News poll has revealed a slight edge for former President Trump over President Biden. With the election a year out, 51% of those surveyed are leaning towards Trump, while Biden has secured 48% of potential votes.

The prospect of a Biden-Trump electoral rematch is stirring up a cocktail of anxiety and exasperation among Biden’s supporters, echoing a broader sentiment captured in various polls throughout the year. A significant portion of the electorate is voicing a preference for fresh faces in the presidential race, rather than a rerun of 2020.

Financial well-being remains a pivotal issue for voters, with 45% expressing greater confidence in their economic prospects under a Trump administration. In contrast, only 18% believe their financial situation would improve with Biden at the helm for another term. Moreover, nearly half of the respondents fear their finances would deteriorate if Biden were to win.

On the topic of international conflict, the poll indicates a prevailing concern that Biden’s presidency might lead to increased military engagements, with 49% of participants feeling that war is more likely under his leadership compared to 39% under Trump.

This snapshot of the nation’s political pulse, taken from October 30 to November 3, involved 2,636 individuals and comes with a margin of error of 2.6 percentage points.

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