Trump Gets Bad News From CNN

Majority Anticipates Trump’s Non-Concession in 2024, CNN Poll Reveals 📊

A recent CNN poll indicates that 74% of Americans anticipate that former President Donald Trump would not concede defeat should he lose the 2024 election, marking a notable rise from similar sentiments expressed in 2020. This surge reflects growing concerns among voters regarding the perpetuation of election denial rhetoric.

In contrast, only about 55% to 58% of respondents in 2020 foresaw Trump’s refusal to acknowledge a loss, predictions that materialized following the contentious aftermath of the election and the subsequent Capitol breach on January 6, 2021.

Conversely, only 23% of those surveyed believe President Biden would similarly refuse to concede if defeated in the upcoming election, a slight decrease from previous surveys concerning Biden and roughly equivalent to 2016 sentiments about then-candidate Hillary Clinton.

The poll also highlighted a strong consensus on the democratic principle of concession, with 86% affirming the duty of the losing presidential candidate to concede, mirroring 2020 figures and slightly exceeding those from 2016.

Trump has already laid the groundwork for 2024 election denial, echoing his 2020 fraud allegations and cautioning against potential electoral manipulation by Democrats. These claims have led to two criminal cases against him related to election denial and efforts to contest the 2020 outcome, one in Georgia and another federally based in Washington.

Additionally, the Supreme Court is set to decide this month on Trump’s eligibility for the general election ballot, following a Colorado court’s ruling that his actions surrounding the January 6 events breached constitutional norms and rendered him unfit for office.

The CNN survey, conducted in late January, polled approximately 1,200 participants and has a margin of error of ±3.4%.

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