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Trump Forced To Spend Money On This Instead Of His Campaign

Save America Utilizes Refunds to Cover Legal Costs Amid Trump’s Legal Battles

Save America, a political action committee aligned with Donald Trump, has allocated a significant portion of its funds towards legal expenses, utilizing over $42 million in refunds received in 2023 from Make America Great Again Inc., another super PAC. This refund came from contributions made during the 2022 election cycle, where Make America Great Again Inc. garnered nearly $48 million in the latter half of the year, spending over $20 million on pro-Trump advertisements alongside issuing refunds to Save America.

As Trump advances in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination, he is contending with 91 felony charges spread across four criminal cases, complicating his campaign schedule and diverting crucial resources from his 2024 campaign efforts. This includes Trump’s time, as he was seen attending court proceedings instead of campaigning in critical early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

The joint fundraising committee, serving as the primary financial arm for Trump’s campaign and Save America, reported an income exceeding $75 million in the latter half of the year, marking an increase from $54 million in the first half. However, this influx was accompanied by substantial fundraising costs, including millions spent on digital consulting, direct mail, and other advertising efforts.

The legal team supporting Trump and associated entities spans over 47 law firms and attorneys, as detailed in Save America’s filings. Notable names include The Binnall Law Group, Dhillon Law Group, and several others, with specific attorneys like John Lauro and Steven Sadow representing Trump in various legal matters. The PAC also continues its financial relationship with Hervé Pierre Braillard, a fashion designer known for his connections with Melania Trump, for “strategy consulting.”

Amid these legal and financial maneuvers, Trump’s campaign benefits from the support of prominent donors contributing to MAGA Inc.’s funds. Timothy Mellon and Linda McMahon, notable figures in their respective fields, stand out as top contributors, highlighting the continued financial backing Trump receives from influential supporters.

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