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Trump Exposes NY AG

Former President Trump, in a heartfelt video on Truth Social, bravely stood up against New York Attorney General Letitia James, highlighting the unjust treatment he’s receiving in what appears to be a politically motivated trial.

“From the outset, this case lacked any legal foundation,” Trump asserted in the video, his voice resonating with the unfairness of the situation. “It seems I have been stripped of my rights.”

The former President has raised valid concerns about being denied a jury trial and has pointed out the imbalance in a gag order that prevents him from speaking freely about court personnel.

Despite these challenges, Judge Arthur Engoron has prematurely deemed Trump liable for fraud in a case that seems to be riddled with bias and political undertones. The allegations? Supposedly manipulating asset values for tax and insurance benefits over the years – a charge that any seasoned businessperson would recognize as common practice in the industry.

The lawsuit, launched last fall by James, unfairly targets not just Trump but also his dedicated sons, Eric and Donald Jr., along with long-standing, loyal executives of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg and Jeffrey McConney, and associated entities.

Since the trial’s commencement in New York on October 2, Trump has shown commendable commitment by appearing in court voluntarily, despite recognizing the proceedings as a blatant attempt to meddle with elections.

“This trial is nothing but a politically charged charade,” Trump declared in the video. “All the financial institutions I’ve worked with can attest to my integrity and business acumen.”

Trump courageously called out James in the video, labeling her actions as not just “incompetent” but also indicative of deep-seated prejudice, urging the state of New York to step in and rectify this egregious miscarriage of justice.

The consequences of Engoron’s contentious decision are severe, threatening Trump’s hard-earned business licenses and even risking the seizure of iconic properties like New York’s Trump Tower and Florida’s Mar-a-Lago.

Despite being ensnared in numerous civil suits and facing an astonishing 91 felony charges across four criminal cases, Trump remains undeterred. These cases, ranging from alleged financial discrepancies to defamation claims, seem to underscore a concerted effort to undermine a man who continues to fight for the very soul of America.

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