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Trump Exposes Everyone

Former President Donald Trump has been actively voicing his frustrations on Truth Social, focusing on the recent legal hurdles he’s facing, including investigations, indictments, and his exclusion from Colorado’s GOP primary ballot. Trump’s outpouring of posts spanned from Tuesday to Wednesday, vehemently criticizing the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision under the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause, which he labeled as “a sad day in America.”

In a flurry of posts, Trump condemned the ruling, which found he had participated in insurrection by spreading false election fraud claims and directing supporters to the Capitol. He expressed his indignation, calling it a disgrace to the country.

Trump also took to his social media platform to claim that the Department of Justice and the White House were orchestrating the cases against him, suggesting political manipulation and interference in the electoral process.

Amidst these assertions, President Biden commented on Wednesday that while the court’s decision on the 14th Amendment’s application to Trump is pending, it was clear that Trump supported the Jan. 6 insurrection. “He certainly supported an insurrection,” Biden stated.

Trump, in response, insisted on Truth Social that he is not an insurrectionist, referencing his call for peaceful and patriotic action on Jan. 6, and pointed fingers at Biden.

The former president continued his postings on Sunday, targeting special counsel Jack Smith. Trump asserted his entitlement to complete presidential immunity in the charges he faces in Smith’s case related to the 2020 election. He reiterated accusations of Smith acting under Biden’s influence.

On Christmas Eve, Trump’s post took a harsh tone, wishing those he perceives as damaging the U.S. to “rot in Hell,” while including a litany of grievances against the Biden administration and its supporters.

Trump also highlighted GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie’s comments on the Colorado decision, sharing Christie’s view that voters, not courts, should decide Trump’s political future. Christie’s quotes, shared in a Truth Social post, emphasized the importance of voter choice in preventing Trump from becoming president again.

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