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Trump Election Case Thrown Out

Nevada Judge Throws Out Elector Scheme Charges

In a dramatic turn of events on Friday, a Nevada judge dismissed the criminal indictments against six individuals accused of posing as electors in a purported plot to overturn the 2020 presidential election, as reported by the Associated Press.

Why It Helps Trump

The case, brought forth by Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford’s office, faced a significant setback as the judge ruled that the prosecution had filed the charges in an incorrect venue. This development may potentially end the case, highlighting a critical procedural error by the prosecutors.

The trial, initially scheduled for January, has been canceled. John Sadler, spokesperson for the Nevada AG’s office, expressed the office’s disagreement with the judge’s decision and announced plans for an immediate appeal.


This decision comes in the same week when the last three of eighteen defendants in Arizona’s fake electors case entered not guilty pleas. These cases, which involve alleged schemes to disrupt the 2020 election results, are unfolding in various swing states, including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia.

The Ruling

Judge Mary Kay Holthus determined that the case should not have been filed in Clark County, a predominantly Democratic area. Instead, it should have been filed in the jurisdiction where the false elector signing took place or where pertinent documents were mailed from. The Nevada Independent notes that re-filing the case in these jurisdictions might be impossible due to the statute of limitations.

Broader Implications

The Nevada case is part of a broader national narrative concerning fake elector schemes. Notably, the Georgia case stands out as it directly implicates former President Trump. District Attorney Fani Willis has employed Georgia’s racketeering law in what is considered one of the most severe legal challenges Trump faces.

Currently, the Georgia case is on hold while a state appeals court examines challenges to DA Willis’s involvement due to alleged conflicts of interest.

This latest development in Nevada adds another layer to the ongoing legal battles surrounding the 2020 election, highlighting the complexities and procedural intricacies that can significantly impact such high-stakes cases.

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