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Trump Classified Documents Case Ends?

Trump Seeks New Pause in Classified Documents Case, Citing Supreme Court’s Immunity Ruling

Former President Donald Trump is trying to use a recent Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity as a defense in his ongoing legal battles. Trump aims to apply this ruling to several criminal cases against him in Florida, Washington, D.C., and Georgia, which involve actions he took during his last months in office. The Supreme Court’s decision has already complicated plans for a New York judge to sentence Trump on his 34-count conviction related to hiding evidence of an alleged affair with Stormy Daniels. Although this case focused on Trump’s private actions, some evidence overlapped with his first two years in the White House, which Trump argues should be protected by presidential immunity.

In a recent filing, Trump highlighted President Joe Biden’s comments criticizing the Supreme Court’s immunity ruling, suggesting it shows misuse of the criminal justice system against him. Trump’s attorneys, Todd Blanche and Emil Bove, argued that Biden’s remarks link the special counsel’s actions to political motives.

Trump’s legal team also urged the judge to consider Justice Clarence Thomas’ opinion in the immunity ruling, which questioned the constitutionality of the special counsel’s appointment. Although Thomas’ opinion was not supported by other justices, it might influence the judge, who was appointed by Trump, to rule in his favor.

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