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Trump Campaigns With His Potential VP

Senator JD Vance of Ohio, a key supporter of former President Donald Trump and considered a potential vice presidential candidate for Trump’s campaign, will join him at a fundraising event in Cincinnati on May 15. This event, as detailed in an invitation revealed by NBC News, will feature Vance as a “special guest” alongside Trump during a “lunch discussion.” Those participating in the host committee are being asked to contribute or gather $250,000 per couple, while other attendees are expected to donate $100,000 per couple or $50,000 per individual. All proceeds from this event will benefit the Trump 47 joint fundraising committee.

This fundraising occasion serves potentially as an informal audition for Vance, who is in his first term as a senator and resides in Cincinnati. Reflecting on Trump’s previous presidential campaigns, he notably evaluated prospective running mates publicly at his rallies before selecting Mike Pence as his vice presidential pick in 2016. Despite the absence of such public auditions in his current campaign, largely due to his involvement in a trial in New York, Trump continues to hold rallies, with upcoming events in Wisconsin and Michigan, key battlegrounds in the Midwest.

Trump’s campaign spokesperson, Karoline Leavitt, commented late Tuesday that predicting Trump’s choice for vice president is futile unless directly informed by Trump himself.

Vance’s connection with Trump strengthened notably after endorsing him during the competitive 2022 Senate primary. More recently, Vance has actively supported Bernie Moreno, another Trump-backed candidate, who emerged victorious in this year’s GOP Senate primary in Ohio. Vance’s efforts included engaging with high-level donors and securing financial support for a rally that significantly boosted Moreno’s campaign.

Bernie Moreno is set to challenge Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown in what is anticipated to be a highly competitive race this fall. Despite Ohio’s recent tilt towards Republican preferences in presidential elections, the state remains a critical battleground.

In a recent interview on Fox News, Vance mentioned that he has not yet discussed the possibility of the vice presidency with Trump but expressed that he would consider it seriously if offered. Alongside Vance, several other vice presidential contenders are expected to attend a Trump 47 spring retreat in Palm Beach, Florida, including Senators Marco Rubio and Tim Scott, Governors Doug Burgum and Kristi Noem, and Representative Elise Stefanik.

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