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Trump Beats Biden Again

Trump Outraises Biden in Q2 2024 Fundraising with Four Months to Election Day

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign has announced a significant fundraising lead over President Joe Biden’s campaign in the second quarter of 2024, just four months ahead of Election Day. According to Trump’s campaign, they raised $331 million between April and June, surpassing Biden’s total of $264 million for the same period.

Additionally, Trump’s campaign ended June with a stronger cash-on-hand position, holding $284.9 million compared to Biden’s $240 million.

This development marks a shift in the fundraising dynamics of the election cycle, as Biden had previously led in contributions for most of the race. Trump first outpaced Biden in April and widened the gap further in May. Although Biden’s campaign slightly out-raised Trump in June, bringing in $127 million to Trump’s $111.8 million, it was insufficient to overtake Trump’s second-quarter total.

May’s fundraising efforts also neutralized the cash advantage that Biden had accumulated over several months, though both candidates still possess substantial financial reserves.

“President Trump’s campaign fundraising operation is thriving day after day and month after month. Winning this quarter brought us a cash-on-hand advantage, which is punctuated by a Biden burn rate that grows while yielding no tangible results for them,” Trump campaign advisers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles stated in the release.

The fundraising figures were disclosed following criticism of Biden’s debate performance against Trump last week and subsequent calls from within his party for him to withdraw from the race.

In response, the Biden campaign highlighted its $38 million fundraising haul in the days following the debate, noting that $30 million came from grassroots donations. They also emphasized that June was their best fundraising month of the cycle.

However, Trump’s fundraising momentum appears robust. “This fundraising momentum is likely to grow even more as we head into a world-class convention and see the Democrats continue their circular firing squad in the aftermath of Biden’s debate collapse,” LaCivita and Wiles added.

Campaigns are required to submit their second-quarter filings to the Federal Election Commission by July 15.

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