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Trump Backstabbed By Trusted Ally

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) speculated on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the Supreme Court is likely to remand former President Trump’s immunity case to the lower courts. He expressed his belief that the Court would acknowledge some level of presidential immunity for Trump, as with other presidents, but would require further examination of which actions specifically fall under this immunity and which are personal.

“The court’s likely to determine that while some actions may be covered by presidential immunity, it needs clearer demarcation from the lower courts regarding what is within the scope of presidential duties,” Graham explained.

The discussion comes in the wake of the Supreme Court hearing arguments concerning whether Trump could claim presidential immunity from criminal prosecution in the federal case related to the events of January 6, orchestrated by special counsel Jack Smith. The justices seemed inclined to allow some form of immunity for Trump, potentially influencing the timeline of the ongoing criminal proceedings against him.

Graham highlighted the nuanced nature of presidential immunity, stating, “There’s no absolute immunity outlined in the Constitution. It’s a matter of legal interpretation—ensuring that while the president is protected, we do not devolve into prosecuting political rivals as a norm.”

He also criticized the multiple legal actions against Trump, labeling them as politically motivated and examples of selective prosecution. Graham argued that these legal issues are less likely to influence voters’ decisions compared to everyday concerns such as inflation, crime, and immigration issues, as suggested by recent polls.

“So I believe most Americans will base their vote not on the legal challenges facing Trump but on the personal challenges they encounter daily,” he concluded.

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