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Top Republican Backstabs Trump Endorses Biden

Former Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, a Republican, has publicly endorsed President Biden for the upcoming November election, distancing himself from those in his party who continue to support former President Trump.

In a Monday op-ed for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Duncan expressed his disappointment with the increasing number of Republicans aligning with Trump, describing it as disheartening. He criticized Trump for behaviors and characteristics he believes disqualify him from presidency, compelling him to support Biden instead.

Duncan articulated his perspective on the need for the GOP to progress beyond the Trump era. He suggested supporting Biden while simultaneously advocating for a Republican congressional majority to serve as a check on Biden’s legislative ambitions during his second term.

Highlighting his reasons for not supporting Trump, Duncan cited the New York hush money case and Trump’s promotion of baseless conspiracy theories that fueled the January 6th Capitol riot. He also criticized Trump and his allies for their involvement in dubious elector schemes following the 2020 election.

Addressing those Republicans who reluctantly support Trump, Duncan refuted the justification that policy disagreements with Biden or current societal unrest are sufficient reasons to back Trump, pointing out that Trump’s final year in office was far from peaceful.

Duncan was unequivocal about his views on Trump’s potential for change at this stage of his life, finding it highly unlikely and urging others to recognize Trump’s true nature.

In concluding his op-ed, Duncan underscored his lifelong commitment to the Republican Party but emphasized his decision to support Biden over Trump, whom he described as a “criminal defendant without a moral compass.”

Previously considered as a potential third-party candidate, Duncan mentioned his withdrawal from the No Labels bipartisan unity ticket earlier in March, following the organization’s decision last month to abandon their search for a unity ticket candidate due to the inability to find a suitable nominee.

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