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Supreme Court Helps Trump In Immunity Case

The Supreme Court avoided adding a contentious topic to Thursday’s presidential debate by delaying its decision on former President Trump’s legal immunity case for at least another day.

Trump’s legal troubles are central to both campaigns. For President Biden, it’s a matter of some voters being hesitant to support a candidate with a criminal record. For Trump, it’s about portraying himself as a target of politically motivated prosecutions.

The Supreme Court is addressing its final cases of the term, with the issue of presidential immunity being one of the most significant unresolved matters. Trump’s two federal cases — one involving his alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election results and the other concerning his handling of classified documents after leaving office — depend heavily on this decision.

During oral arguments in April, many justices appeared inclined to give Trump a partial win but did not fully support his claim of “absolute immunity.” Some justices agreed that presidents cannot be prosecuted for “official acts,” a key point debated in determining whether Trump’s actions to overturn the election were official or unofficial.

According to Axios’ Sam Baker, the court will likely refer the case back to the lower courts.

Biden’s re-election campaign has framed the upcoming election as a choice between democracy and lawlessness, emphasizing Trump’s conviction. A decision on the case before the debate could have brought Trump’s legal issues to the forefront during the first presidential debate.

Debate topics are expected to include the economy, immigration, abortion rights, and foreign policy.

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