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Supreme Court Declines Trump Ballot Ban

The Oregon Supreme Court recently announced its decision to defer, for the time being, a hearing on a challenge brought by five Oregon voters. This challenge aims to declare former President Donald Trump ineligible for inclusion on the state’s primary and general election ballots, citing Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

The court’s postponement is based on awaiting the outcome of a related case in Colorado. The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to conduct oral arguments for this Colorado case on Feb. 8, which may set a precedent affecting the Oregon challenge.

Oregon joins a list of more than twenty states where legal actions have been initiated to question Trump’s eligibility under the 14th Amendment.

Responding to the Oregon court’s decision, Trump’s campaign welcomed the move. In a statement, the campaign argued that these legal challenges are unconstitutional efforts to prevent American voters from supporting their preferred candidate.

“President Trump is calling for the prompt rejection of all ongoing 14th Amendment ballot challenges. These are unfounded and politically motivated attempts, primarily by supporters of Joe Biden, to disenfranchise millions of voters,” said campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung.

DeSantis Highlights Iowa’s Crucial Role Amid Challenging Weather

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emphasized the significant influence Iowans could wield in the upcoming caucus, especially under the unique circumstances of potential low voter turnout. Addressing an audience at the Northside Conservatives Club breakfast in Ankeny, a suburb of Des Moines, he highlighted the unusual impact their votes could have, especially considering the challenging weather forecast featuring sub-zero temperatures.

DeSantis, undeterred by the severe snowstorm targeting Iowa, motivated the crowd with his perspective on the importance of their participation in the caucus. “Given the current situation, your vote could carry unprecedented weight,” he said, acknowledging the tough conditions expected next week.

Meanwhile, DeSantis’ affiliated super PAC, Never Back Down, has had to cancel its initial two events with the governor due to the blizzard sweeping through the state. The fate of the remaining events in their schedule remains uncertain as the state braces for the extreme weather conditions.

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