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Steve Scalise Turns The Tables On Democrats

They have no idea what just hit them.

According to Fox News, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise slammed Democrats stating that that are trying to jam through a “Soviet-style infrastructure dream list of the left.”

Scalise said, “There’s been a lot of interest going back to President Trump on getting a bipartisan infrastructure bill deal. Speaker Pelosi walked out of multiple meetings at the White House when Trump was president where he was trying to get a bipartisan agreement and then on this, they’re not talking to Republican leaders at all.”

He added, “We’ve reached out, but they won’t even talk to us because they just want to go it alone like they did on that non-COVID $1.9 trillion spending bill that they just passed. Here they go with trillions more in this kind of Soviet-style infrastructure dream list of the left.” You can watch a clip of Scalise’s remarks here.

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