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Shocking New Polls Details

In several key battleground states, President Biden and former President Trump are closely matched, according to a new CBS News poll. Economic concerns are significantly influencing voter sentiment towards Biden.

The poll, which sampled voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, indicates a nearly even split in presidential preference between Biden and Trump within these states.

In Michigan, Biden narrowly leads with 51 percent support compared to Trump’s 49 percent. In Pennsylvania, the race is even tighter, with Biden at 49 percent and Trump slightly ahead at 50 percent. A similar scenario unfolds in Wisconsin, where Biden also has 49 percent of the vote to Trump’s 50 percent.

Voters’ perceptions of the economy are predominantly negative, with many feeling that conditions have not improved post-pandemic. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, 50 percent of those surveyed believe their state’s economy has deteriorated since 2020, while 48 percent in Wisconsin share this sentiment.

Furthermore, a significant majority in Michigan (62 percent), Pennsylvania (61 percent), and Wisconsin (62 percent) view the economy as having been “good” during Trump’s presidency. In Pennsylvania, 55 percent of voters express worry under Biden’s leadership, whereas 44 percent feel anger towards Trump.

The poll was conducted from April 19 to April 25 and included 1,287 registered voters in Michigan, 1,306 in Pennsylvania, and 1,245 in Wisconsin. The margin of error for registered voters stands at roughly plus or minus 3.1 points for Michigan and Pennsylvania, and plus or minus 3.2 points for Wisconsin.

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