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Old Trump Ally Insults And Backstabs Him

John Bolton, the former national security adviser, slightly downplayed the severity of former President Trump’s threats to NATO, attributing Trump’s erratic approach to his “short attention span,” which might prevent sustained efforts to exit the alliance. Trump has been vocal in his criticism of NATO, demanding increased financial contributions from member nations and hinting at a possible facilitation of Russian aggression as a form of leverage. He has also dismissed the bipartisan disapproval of his statements, framing his threatening rhetoric as merely a strategic ploy in negotiations.

Bolton, having served under Trump, suggested that the former president might act swiftly to withdraw the U.S. from NATO in a second term, unless he becomes preoccupied with other matters. In a recent interview with MeidasTouch, Bolton indicated that distracting Trump could be a temporary solution to prevent a NATO withdrawal, given Trump’s tendency to lose focus.

Furthermore, Bolton expressed concerns about Trump’s potential actions in a second term, including carrying out threats of retribution against those he perceives as adversaries. He noted Trump’s campaign declarations of settling scores with his critics, portraying these as acts of vindication for his supporters, but Bolton sees them as self-serving acts of revenge.

The discourse surrounding Trump’s stance on NATO has led to a division among Republicans. Some view his statements as non-serious or made in jest, while others, like Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma, seriously caution against the U.S. abandoning its longstanding allies. Lankford emphasized the importance of maintaining alliances and criticized the notion of using lethal threats to pressure other nations into meeting their NATO obligations.

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