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No Trump Or Biden As President?

Poll Reveals Reluctance to Vote for Candidates Over 80 or Facing Criminal Charges 📊

Recent Gallup data indicates a significant portion of voters are hesitant to support presidential candidates who are either over 80 years old or have been charged with a felony. This sentiment could play a crucial role in the upcoming election.

Key Context: This polling insight is particularly relevant given the current political landscape. President Biden, at 81, is part of the over-80 category, while GOP frontrunner and former President Trump, charged with multiple felonies, represents the latter group. This scenario potentially sets the stage for a challenging decision for voters in November.

Biden’s age has been a prominent issue in the 2024 campaign. On the other hand, if Trump, who is 77, were to win, he would become the oldest person ever inaugurated as president. He currently faces 91 felony counts in four separate criminal cases.

Poll Findings: The data revealed that 66% of respondents would not support a generally qualified presidential candidate from their political party if they were over 80 years old, while 31% were open to it. Similarly, 66% would not back a candidate charged with a felony, with 29% saying they would. Furthermore, if a candidate were convicted of a felony by a jury, 70% stated they wouldn’t vote for them, compared to 23% who would.

These findings highlight the potential impact of age and legal challenges on voter preferences in high-stakes presidential elections.

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