Nikki Says Trump Won’t Be President

Nikki Haley Undecided on Supporting Trump, Foresees Female U.S. President

In a recent statement, Republican presidential contender Nikki Haley expressed uncertainty about backing Donald Trump should he secure the GOP nomination, while emphasizing the inevitability of a female presidency in the United States.

The Significance: Haley, who remains behind Trump in the primary race and public opinion polls, uses her stance to underscore concerns among voters about re-electing President Biden for another term.

Haley’s Perspective: “The next president will be a woman, whether it’s me or Vice President Kamala Harris. Trump’s nomination by the GOP would guarantee his defeat and result in President Harris. I am determined to prevent that outcome. My campaign is not on pause; we are in this for the long haul to ensure victory,” Haley articulated during her appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

Despite having supported Trump in previous elections, Haley emphasized that her current focus is solely on winning the presidency. She highlighted polls indicating that the majority of Americans consider both 81-year-old Biden and 77-year-old Trump as excessively aged for the presidency.

Haley advocates for “a new generation of leadership, unburdened by ongoing legal entanglements,” alluding to Trump’s legal challenges. As the South Carolina Republican primary approaches, Haley is striving for a win in her home state, where she has previously served as governor.

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