Nikki Haley Livid After Old Friend Endorses Trump

On Friday, enthusiasts of Nikki Haley, the Republican presidential hopeful, circulated a video showcasing Rep. Nancy Mace’s (R-S.C.) previous commendations of the ex-U.N. ambassador. This move came as a rebuttal to Mace’s recent disparaging remarks about Haley.

The video from 2022 captures Mace lauding Haley as an exceptional leader. Despite her recent critical stance at events in South Carolina on both Thursday and Friday, Mace had previously expressed admiration for Haley, describing her as a “rock star” and a “mentor” during her 2022 reelection campaign.

The NikkiHaleyHQ account, which operates independently of Haley’s official campaign, shared this video on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. The post aimed to spotlight Mace’s past accolades for Haley, accompanied by a caption expressing gratitude for Mace’s flattering words.

In the shared video, Mace extolled Haley for her leadership and mentorship, acknowledging her significant contributions both to South Carolina and the nation. Mace recounted an instance of Haley’s dedication, noting how Haley promptly responded to a request for advice despite being abroad and in a different time zone.

Mace’s recent endorsement of former President Trump, just before his substantial victory in the New Hampshire primary, marks a notable shift in her stance. She has advocated for the Republican Party to rally behind Trump in anticipation of the upcoming electoral battle against President Biden.

Mace’s relationship with Haley, who previously supported Mace’s campaign through speeches and advertisements, has evidently evolved. Mace’s 2022 victory over a Trump-backed opponent came amidst criticism from Trump’s camp, particularly following her comments on television post the January 6 Capitol attack. According to the Associated Press, Mace and Trump have not communicated in over a year.

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