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Music Legend Attacks Trump

John Legend has strongly criticized former President Trump, describing him as inherently racist during an interview with MSNBC’s Jen Psaki. Legend discussed Trump’s reaction to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations that surged after George Floyd’s death in 2020. According to Legend, Trump’s handling of the protests, which included suggestions to militarize responses and potentially harm demonstrators, clearly displays his deep-seated racist views.

Trump reportedly inquired whether it was possible for the military to shoot the protestors in the legs to quell the unrest, a claim supported by statements from then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper. General Mark Milley also revealed to The Wall Street Journal that Trump had expressed a desire to harshly deal with protesters.

Throughout his business and political life, Trump has been embroiled in controversies that suggest a pattern of racist attitudes. He initiated his 2016 presidential run with harsh rhetoric about immigrants and has made numerous contentious statements about racial matters. Even in recent times, Trump suggested that his criminal indictments might make him more relatable to the Black community, who he claimed could see parallels in their experiences of discrimination.

In addition to his controversial statements and policies, Trump has also been accused of discriminatory practices in his real estate ventures, allegedly avoiding renting apartments to Black tenants—a fact highlighted by FBI investigations.

Despite these controversies, Trump has attempted to engage African American voters. He has highlighted his administration’s achievements, like the low unemployment rates among Black Americans, support for historically Black colleges and universities, and criminal justice reform. However, Legend dismissed these accomplishments as superficial, emphasizing that Trump’s fundamental beliefs reflect a conviction of racial superiority and hierarchy.

Legend, a vocal supporter of President Biden, expressed his commitment to actively campaign for Biden as the upcoming elections approach. He made a pointed contrast between Trump’s divisive rhetoric and actions and the values that he believes Biden represents, which, to him, makes the choice in the election stark and clear.

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