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MSNBC Host Thinks THIS Will Happen If We Make Fun Of Biden

The media will say anything to protect him…

According to The Blaze, MSNBC Host Malcolm Nance lashed out at people poking fun at President Joe Biden after the President took a tumble on the stairs leading up to Air Force One, and suggested joking about it could have dire consequences.

The joke in particular that triggered Nance was made by Donald Trump Jr., who shared a doctored version of the video of Biden falling edited to look like he was being hit by golf balls.

“That is joking about murder, and you know the thing is so long as it’s not directly stating you know ‘I want to do X,Y or Z to Joe Biden’ they can get away with that,” Nance said. “But the point is [Trump Jr.’s video] mainstreams the potential for danger.”

You can read the full story here.

Image Credit: Sky News

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