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Monica Lewinsky & Presidential Pardon

Monica Lewinsky Advocates for Constitutional Reforms 📜

Monica Lewinsky, in a recent op-ed for Vanity Fair, urged for constitutional amendments aimed at strengthening democracy. Her proposed changes include setting age limits for elected officials and prohibiting presidents from pardoning themselves. Lewinsky’s commentary aligns with ongoing discussions about constitutional safeguards and democratic principles.

Lewinsky’s Vision: Six Amendments for Democracy 🗽

Lewinsky’s article outlines six proposed amendments: a ban on presidential self-pardons, compulsory background checks for presidential candidates, safeguarding the U.S. Constitution against suspensions, setting a retirement age for politicians, abolishing the Electoral College, and legally guaranteeing abortion rights. She stresses the need for these changes to bolster democratic integrity.

Calling Out Presidential Self-Pardons 🚫

Explicitly referencing former President Trump, Lewinsky warns of the dangers posed by the possibility of a president pardoning themselves. She argues that this undermines accountability and could lead to abuses of power. Citing constitutional law expert Neal Katyal, she highlights the theoretical scenario where a president could interfere with Department of Justice proceedings, circumventing the need for a pardon.

The Broader Context: Constitutional Safeguards and Democracy 🇺🇸

Lewinsky’s piece emerges amidst heightened discussions about the 14th Amendment, particularly its clause disqualifying public office holders involved in insurrections. She expresses astonishment at the limited constitutional measures for disqualifying candidates based on such actions, labeling the situation as “bonkers.”

Debates on Presidential Self-Pardons and Age Limits ⚖️

Legal scholars have long debated the legitimacy and implications of presidential self-pardons. While not explicitly prohibited, such actions raise questions about their validity in court and their effect on democratic justice. Lewinsky also proposes age limits for elected officials, indirectly mentioning President Biden and Trump’s ages, advocating for term limits and retirement ages in the context of long-lasting policy impacts.

The Political Landscape: Trump’s Charges and Poll Leads 📊

Amidst her advocacy, Lewinsky notes Trump’s legal challenges, including 91 criminal charges from four separate indictments. She points out his lead in the 2024 Republican presidential primary polls, emphasizing the relevance of her proposed amendments in the current political climate.

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