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Media Tries To Sabotage Trump

The New York Times editorial board issued a strong call to action for Republicans on Thursday, urging them to reject former President Trump as their nominee, describing him as “unfit” for the presidency ahead of the GOP’s national convention next week.

“Mr. Trump has shown a character unworthy of the responsibilities of the presidency. He has demonstrated an utter lack of respect for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the American people,” the editorial declared.

The Times continued by criticizing Trump’s motives, stating, “Instead of a coherent vision for the country’s future, Mr. Trump is driven by a thirst for political power: to use the levers of government to advance his interests, satisfy his impulses, and seek revenge against those he perceives as adversaries. He is, quite simply, unfit to lead.”

This harsh criticism comes just days before the Republican Party is set to officially nominate Trump as their candidate at the convention in Milwaukee. At the same time, President Biden’s status as the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee is under scrutiny, with some members of Congress publicly suggesting he step aside, while others privately express doubts about his ability to defeat Trump in November.

The Times, which has also called for Biden to withdraw from the race, pointed out that Democrats are engaged in necessary discussions about their candidate’s viability. In contrast, the GOP has not undertaken a similar debate regarding Trump’s suitability.

“It is a national tragedy that the Republicans have failed to have a similar debate about the manifest moral and temperamental unfitness of their standard-bearer, instead setting aside their longstanding values, closing ranks and choosing to overlook what those who worked most closely with the former president have described as his systematic dishonesty, corruption, cruelty and incompetence,” the editorial board wrote.

The editorial lamented that the GOP, once a “great political party,” now serves the interests of a single man who is “demonstrably unsuited for the office of president.” They noted that Trump’s values, temperament, ideas, and language starkly oppose the principles that have made America great.

The board outlined five “essential qualities” that they believe a president should possess: moral fitness, principled leadership, character, integrity in speech, and adherence to the rule of law.

“We urge voters to see the dangers of a second Trump term clearly and to reject it. The stakes and significance of the presidency demand a person who has essential qualities and values to earn our trust, and on each one, Donald Trump fails,” the editorial stated.

The Times called on the American people to reject Trump at the ballot box, emphasizing, “The Republican Party is making its choice next week; soon all Americans will be able to make their own choice. What would Mr. Trump do in a second term? He has told Americans who he is and shown them what kind of leader he would be.”

“When someone fails so many foundational tests, you don’t give him the most important job in the world,” the editorial concluded.

In response, a Trump spokesperson criticized the Times, labeling it as “a flailing and failing publication that is out-of-touch with what everyday Americans believe.” They added, “If they spent more time actually covering the disaster of the Biden presidency, they would understand how dangerous their false reporting is to democracy.”

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