Mark Cuban Insults Trump

Mark Cuban Criticizes Trump, Endorses Biden for Election 🗳️

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban openly criticized former President Donald Trump, labeling him a “snake oil salesperson,” and declared his support for President Joe Biden in the forthcoming election.

This significant endorsement arrives at a challenging time for the 81-year-old president, who faces declining poll numbers amidst ongoing concerns about his age and the management of the Israel-Gaza situation.

Cuban expressed his preference for leadership clarity over charismatic but unsubstantial promises. “I don’t want a snake oil salesperson as President,” Cuban communicated to Axios via email on Tuesday, affirming his choice for the Biden/Harris ticket over Trump “all day every day.”

Cuban elaborated on his comparison between the candidates, portraying Trump as someone who promises universal remedies without substance, in contrast to Biden’s approach of presenting detailed policy plans through comprehensive data and analysis. “He is precise and methodical and wants to sell the steak, not the sizzle,” Cuban remarked about Biden, suggesting that Trump’s supporters are content regardless of the efficacy of his promises.

Expanding on his rationale for supporting Biden, Cuban’s recent statements build on his bold declaration that he would back Biden under any circumstances, even in the most extreme scenarios. “If they were having his last wake, and it was him versus Trump, and he was being given last rites, I would still vote for Joe Biden,” Cuban shared with Bloomberg, following a discussion at the White House about prescription drug costs.

Cuban, a tech mogul and Dallas Mavericks minority owner who co-launched Cost Plus Drugs in 2022 to reduce generic drug prices, also touched on the political landscape. He noted Trump’s dominant influence within the GOP and anticipated a potential rematch between Trump and Biden in the November general election.

In a move signaling his political stance, Cuban revealed to Bloomberg his support for Nikki Haley, Trump’s primary Republican challenger, in the Texas primary as a “protest vote against Trump,” showcasing his commitment to principled voting over party loyalty.

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