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Liz Cheney Backstabs GOP

Liz Cheney, once a prominent figure in her party, faced strong opposition from many of her peers due to her unwavering criticism of the former president following the events of January 6th. This stance sharply contrasted with the approach of Kevin McCarthy, the then-leader of the caucus, who briefly criticized the former president before realigning with him. Cheney’s firm stance led her to become a leading Republican voice on the House committee that probed into the January 6th attack. However, this position did not resonate well within her party’s base in Wyoming, resulting in her losing the primary election for her seat in 2022.

Cheney has penned a book titled “Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning,” set to release on a Tuesday. The book delves into the actions and decisions made by her party colleagues, including the new House Speaker Mike Johnson, which she believes paved the way for the January 6th events.

In a segment of an interview broadcasted on Saturday, Cheney did not mince words, labeling the Louisiana Republican as a collaborator in the former president’s efforts to challenge the 2020 election results. In the complete interview aired on Sunday, she cautioned against electing a relatively unknown figure like Johnson to a pivotal role in 2025.

John Dickerson of CBS posed a hypothetical scenario to Cheney, asking about the implications if Mike Johnson were to be the Speaker on January 6, 2025. Cheney responded decisively, emphasizing the critical nature of the upcoming 2024 elections. She expressed concerns about a potential crisis if an election result were to be decided by a House of Representatives controlled by a Republican majority. Cheney’s comments highlight her ongoing commitment to safeguarding the democratic process, even at the expense of her position within her party.

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