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Kennedys Endorse Biden For President

The Kennedy family, known for their political legacy, has taken a decisive stance in the upcoming election by endorsing President Biden for reelection. This move serves as a clear rebuke of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent bid, which critics fear could split votes and potentially benefit former President Trump.

Kerry Kennedy, the sister of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., delivered the endorsement during a gathering of Biden supporters in Philadelphia. She emphasized that in the 2024 presidential race, the viable candidates are Biden and Trump, subtly dismissing her brother’s aspirations for the White House.

“We firmly believe that reelecting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for another term is the best path forward for America,” Kerry Kennedy stated, flanked by a banner proclaiming their support. She highlighted Biden’s alignment with her late father’s values, citing his advocacy for union workers, efforts to alleviate student loan burdens, and dedication to democracy.

The endorsement event drew fifteen members of the Kennedy family, including notable figures like Joe Kennedy II, Christopher Kennedy, Maxwell Kennedy, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, all siblings of Robert Kennedy Jr. Joe Kennedy III, another nephew of Kennedy Jr. serving in the Biden administration, also lent his support.

The Kennedys’ endorsement reflects their deep-rooted belief in Biden’s commitment to the causes their family has historically championed. This endorsement follows previous efforts by some family members to distance themselves from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential aspirations.

In response to his family’s endorsement of Biden, Kennedy Jr. acknowledged the divide within the family but emphasized their unity despite differing political views. He expressed hope for restoring civility and respect in public discourse, calling for constructive disagreement without animosity.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent campaign has stirred controversy due to his advocacy of conspiracy theories, skepticism toward vaccines, and criticism of government institutions. His candidacy raises concerns among Democrats about potential vote splitting and its impact on the election outcome.

As the election approaches, the dynamics between Biden, Trump, and Kennedy Jr. continue to evolve, with polls indicating a tightening race. The Kennedy family’s endorsement of Biden underscores their belief in his leadership and vision for America, aligning with the principles their patriarch, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, stood for during his tenure.

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