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Kamala Caught In Ugly Trump Attack

Harris will address the recent abortion ruling during a rally in Arizona, highlighting the potential consequences of a second Trump presidency. The ruling, which upheld an 1864 law making abortion a felony, has sparked outrage among Democrats.

In her speech, Harris will directly criticize former President Trump for his role in increasing restrictions on abortion. She will attribute the wave of restrictions to Trump’s actions following the overturning of Roe v. Wade and warn that a second Trump term would lead to even more limitations.

Harris will emphasize Trump’s responsibility for the current healthcare crisis related to abortion, noting that he has openly boasted about it. She will argue that allowing Trump another term would result in a national abortion ban, citing his previous support for such measures.

The vice president will paint a grim picture of what a second Trump term would entail: “more bans, more suffering, less freedom.” However, she will express determination in preventing this scenario from happening.

Harris’s visit to Arizona follows the recent Supreme Court ruling, which is set to go into effect in 14 days unless challenged further. While the court ruled to enforce the law, questions about its constitutionality remain unresolved.

The century-old law in question imposes severe penalties, including imprisonment, for those involved in performing or assisting with abortions. Despite calls for its repeal from Arizona’s Democratic leaders, including Governor Katie Hobbs, enforcement of the ban remains contentious.

The rally will feature other prominent speakers, including Rep. Ruben Gallego and Tucson Mayor Regina Romero, along with patients, abortion providers, and advocacy groups. The Biden campaign has also launched a significant ad campaign in Arizona to raise awareness about the court ruling and its implications.

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