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Is This The End Of Biden Presidency?

President Biden’s approval ratings have hit a 15-year low, with only a third of U.S. adults expressing approval of his job performance. This finding comes from a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted between January 4th and 8th. The poll shows a decrease in approval from 37% in September 2023 to 33%, with his disapproval rating climbing to 58%, up from 56%.

This drop marks the lowest approval rating for a U.S. president since George W. Bush’s tenure between 2006 and 2008. As President Biden gears up for reelection, his approval ratings fall short compared to former President Trump, the current front-runner for the Republican nomination.

Reflecting on Trump’s presidency, 41% of those surveyed approve of how he handled his job, a decrease from 48% in the previous September. Trump’s disapproval rating has also increased to 53%, up from 49%.

When asked about honesty and trustworthiness, 41% believe Biden fits this description, consistent with May 2023’s poll results. In contrast, only 26% view Trump as honest and trustworthy, a decline from 33% in May 2023.

The poll also inquired about the mental sharpness and physical health of both Biden and Trump. Biden’s ratings have dipped, with only 28% affirming his mental sharpness, down from 32% last year, and his physical health rating also dropping to 28% from 33%. Trump, however, still leads in these areas despite a decline in his ratings.

On a positive note for Biden, there’s a slight improvement in the public’s perception of his handling of the economy. His economic approval rating has risen to 31%, with a notable drop in his disapproval rating from 64% to 56%. Interestingly, the number of Americans uncertain about their opinion on Biden’s economic management has increased significantly.

Despite these challenging poll numbers, Biden’s campaign has previously cautioned against placing too much emphasis on early election season polls. The survey, which included 2,228 adults, has a margin of error of 2.5 percentage points.

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