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Is Biden Lying About Trump?

In a passionate speech in Milwaukee on Wednesday, President Biden energized the audience by pointing to recent comments made by former President Trump, which hinted at potential reductions in Medicare and Social Security benefits.

“This very week, Donald Trump has entertained the idea of making cuts to Social Security and Medicare. When probed about a stance shift, he mentioned, ‘there’s a lot we can do in terms of cutting, a tremendous amount of things we can do,’” Biden recounted.

Emphasizing his commitment, Biden assured, “I’ll make sure it never comes to pass,” during his strategic visit to the essential battleground state of Wisconsin.

In a vigorous campaign effort, the Biden team is spotlighting Trump’s discussion on CNBC about the possibilities of cutting entitlements due to alleged mismanagement and fraud.

“I am committed to safeguarding our entitlement programs. Instead of reducing Social Security and Medicare to finance tax cuts for the extremely wealthy, my aim is to fortify and preserve these programs, ensuring the wealthy pay their fair share,” Biden affirmed on Wednesday.

Biden didn’t miss the opportunity to criticize Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson for previously labeling Social Security a “legal Ponzi scheme,” expressing disbelief over such a statement.

Following Trump’s remarks, the Biden campaign quickly released an advertisement and embarked on a mission across battleground states. This involved organizing numerous press conferences focused on protecting entitlement programs, as initially reported by The Hill.

In last week’s State of the Union address, Biden reiterated his commitment to defending these programs, warning, “To those wanting to cut Social Security or Medicare or to extend the retirement age, know that I will stand in your way.”

President Biden’s visit to Milwaukee forms part of his broader strategy of engaging swing states post-State of the Union. During his visit, he unveiled a $3.3 billion investment in new infrastructure projects aimed at revitalizing communities, including a significant $36 million allocation for Milwaukee’s Sixth Street Complete Streets Project.

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