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Haley’s Surprising Surge Challenges Trump’s Lead

In a striking turn in the GOP race, a new poll by the American Research Group (ARG) has placed Nikki Haley just 4 points behind Donald Trump in New Hampshire. This development is particularly notable considering Trump’s substantial 50-point lead in national polls.

The ARG findings show Trump with 33% support in New Hampshire, closely tailed by Haley at 29%. This puts her well ahead of the rest of the field.

Another recent Saint Anselm College poll supports this trend, showing Haley at 30% — a significant leap from her previous standing in a September survey by the same institute.

New Hampshire’s political experts are acknowledging Haley’s momentum. “Haley is definitely making waves,” commented Jim Merrill, a GOP strategist in New Hampshire, who highlighted her consistent efforts over the past months.

Despite Haley’s rise, Trump remains the favorite for the primary, scheduled for January 23. However, his status as the national frontrunner means he faces high expectations in every state.

Trump’s campaign has reacted to Haley’s ascent, with a spokesperson responding to inquiries with a link to a social media post showing Trump leading by a larger margin. Trump himself dismissed the ARG poll as “Fake” on Truth Social and criticized New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, who recently endorsed Haley.

Meanwhile, the main pro-Trump super PAC has launched an attack ad against Haley in New Hampshire, suggesting concerns about her gaining ground.

In the backdrop of the Colorado Supreme Court ruling barring Trump from the state’s Republican primary ballot, Republican voters might rally around him. Yet, Haley’s appeal could benefit from New Hampshire’s large pool of undeclared voters, who can participate in either party’s primary, potentially boosting candidates with broader appeal.

Overall, while Trump leads both nationally and in New Hampshire, Haley’s recent surge has introduced a dynamic edge to the race in the Granite State, setting the stage for a more competitive primary season.

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